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“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery of why we climb.”

– Greg Child

The Logistics of Hitting Life’s Pause Button to Thru-Hike the A.T.

Logistically speaking, it is not exactly easy to hit the pause button on your regular life to spend four to six months living off the grid, out of a backpack, and in limited contact with the outside world. Frankly, the very concept of taking “four to six months” may prove most difficult for some because it is an open-ended amount of time. That’s just it; it is impossible to predict what will really happen when you set foot on the trail. All you can do is have a sound plan in place and be ready to roll with the punches… and rocks… and weather… and whatever else the trail throws at you.

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How I Decided to Take a “Life Sabbatical” to Become a Thru-Hiker

I have told people in my life that I am planning on attempting a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2019. Most people, particularly my family and friends closest to me, reacted positively and excitedly (with some hesitancy at times). But many have been on the other end of the spectrum and expressed utter befuddlement at my desire to spend time in the wilderness, walking a distance that takes most people anywhere between four and six months to complete.

These 10 Hiker Stocking Stuffers Will Make You a Gifting Hero

We’ve spent all of 2018 testing out some of the coolest gear available. These are our favorite things that are the most affordable, the most functional, and by far get the most compliments. We have no doubt that they will be a big hit this holiday season, and will bring joy every single time they get used. Consider this your “Rockstar Checklist”!

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